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Turbine inspection kits SATEKO GTE

Inspection of gas turbine engines, turbines and compressors without dismantling meets modern requirements associated with minimizing equipment downtime. In addition to the time required to complete the work, dismantling can lead to damage to the external elements of the engine or turbine: fuel lines, electric cables, and other communications, which will complicate subsequent installation and commissioning.

SATEKO works closely with a number of aviation and energy clusters companies. These are both production and service organizations. Based on the experience of cooperation with such companies, we have formed a line of kits for the inspection of gas turbine engines, turbines and compressors. The GTE SATEKO ME-Series endoscopic kits currently perform the tasks of detecting and documenting events inside turbine units. In addition, there is the possibility of making relative measurements of events with the assistance of a measuring grid.

What is inspected:

Issues of the video inspections:

How is the inspection performed:

Special aspects of the inspection.

Turbines and compressors

Especially important is the ability to inspect the working blades of the last stages of the low pressure cylinders. Last stages are especially vulnurable for erosion. The ability to inspect them in any mode at any time helps to increase the reliability of the turbine and compressor.

Combustion chambers:

Generally, the SATEKO ME-Series GTE kit consists of a flexible or ultra-flexible probe with articulation and a rigid probe.

The front and rear edges of the rotary blades are inspected by using the SATEKO rigid probe. Fixed blades that are remote from inspection hatches are inspected by a flexible probe. A flexible probe also used during the inspection of the combustion chambers' elements. The presence of articulation in a flexible or ultra-flexible probe during examination of a combustion chamber greatly simplifies the task. Articulation close to 180 degrees allows you to much more accurately position the camera in relation to almost any object of study, including the inlet.

Inspection of various elements of turbines, compressors and combustion chambers with various SATEKO ME-Series probes.



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