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General Terms & Conditions for the SATEKO warranty:

The standard warranty period for SATEKO equipment is 12 (Twelve) months from the date of receipt by the end user.
The equipment must be used in strict accordance with the SATEKO operating instructions and using technical standards and / or safety requirements. The user of the equipment does not have the right to start operation and (or) testing the equipment without familiarizing himself with the operating rules given in the technical passport and operating manual. The user is responsible for the breakdown of SATEKO equipment as a result of its operation without familiarization with the operating rules specified in the technical passport and in the operating manual.
The warranty is void if the damage or malfunction is caused by fire, lightning or other natural phenomena, mechanical damage caused by animals and insects, improper use, neglect, as well as adaptation, modification, repair, commissioning or operation in violation of the technical conditions and / or security requirements.
In the event that during the warranty period, part or parts of the equipment were replaced with parts or parts that were not supplied or authorized by SATEKO, or the equipment was disassembled or repaired by a person who does not have the appropriate SATEKO certificate for the provision of such services, then the Equipment User loses all and any warranty rights.
The warranty does not apply to the outer shell of the probes and distal ends, trim parts and body parts, backlight elements, external camera shields, protective shields, fans.
SATEKO's warranty is limited, that is, SATEKO is only liable for the equipment supplied, but not for any other (moral, material or other) damage that may be caused by equipment failure or when it is idle.
In the event of a warranty event, the User is obliged to send a written claim to SATEKO, remove the equipment from commercial operation and send the defective equipment within 5 (five) business days to the SATEKO service center or to the SATEKO distributor.
If the User has not sent the faulty equipment to the SATEKO service center, or to the SATEKO distributor within 5 (five) business days, the date of the warranty event is the date of receipt of the faulty equipment by the SATEKO service center.
SATEKO warranty obligations in the Russian Federation are fulfilled by Sateko Industrial Solutions LLC in the territory of Sateko Industrial Solutions LLC within 20 (twenty) business days from the receipt of faulty equipment by repair or replacement of equipment or its parts and / or parts.
The warranty is extended for the period that the equipment was under repair.
The costs of transporting faulty equipment from Sateko Industrial Solutions LLC and back to the User are paid by Sateko Industrial Solutions LLC.



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